Invest in D11

“A strong district requires strong investment”


2021 Capital Investments

JEWELS Community Therapy Clinic will receive $50,000 for an inclusive playground, outfitted with ramps and appropriate equipment for children in wheelchairs and specialized equipment. The surface will also be appropriate for wheelchairs and walkers.

Torah Institute of Baltimore will receive $250,000 for a learning center to help children with learning disabilities, an occupational therapy center, a 2,500 sf multi-purpose room, 4,500 sf in-door play-gym and to repave the parking lot

Pikesville Armory will receive $1 million for the acquisition, planning, design, construction, repair, renovation, reconstruction, site improvement, and capital equipping of the Pikesville Armory facility

2020 Capital Investments

JEWELS Community Therapy Clinic received $250,000 for therapy clinic that will increase the capacity to treat more community children and will broaden the services available (PT, OT, Speech) for more medically complex cases.

Gordon Center for the Performing Arts received $150,000 to enhance the lobby with necessary technology and functionality, as it serves as an event or large community meeting space on a regular basis.

Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company received $150,000 to replace their 20 year old unit and purchase a new fire engine.

2019 Capital Investments

Rosewood Campus received $6 million for continued remediation and improvement

Chestnut Ridge Fire Station received $50,000 to expand living and study quarters for volunteers

Pikesville High School received $850,000 for a turf field

Torah Institute of Baltimore received $125,000 for playground equipment, gym floor resurfacing, and school parking lot improvements

2018 Capital Investments

Rosewood Campus received $5 million for environmental abatement and infrastructure improvements.

Hatzalah received $125,000 for an ambulance shelter

New Town High School received $175,000 for an athletic facility Pikesville Armory Revitalization – received $300,000 for environmental assessments

2017 Capital Investments

Ner Israel Rabbinical College received $188,000 in bonds to help purchase three generators that will provide back-up power for its dormitories and ensure the safety and security of students during power outages that occur during severe weather.

I also supported the following investments sponsored by my District 11 colleagues:

Bais Yaakov Middle School will receive $100,000 for capital improvements.

Jewish Teen Advancement Program, which offers programs, events, and guidance to at-risk teen girls in the Baltimore community, received $100,000 in bonds for improvements to a home for at-risk girls.

Rosewood State Hospital site – The 2017 capital budget provided $5 million to assist with the environmental clean-up.

2016 Capital Investments

The Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company is one of the busiest companies in Baltimore County. Its firehouse was built in 1962, and, although renovated in 2003 to accommodate larger fire-fighting equipment, the company’s living space is in great need of renovation. The renovations supported by the bond bill, which I sponsored last year, will include a larger community meeting room to serve the local community and neighborhood organizations.

Lake Roland Park, located in the southeast part of the district, off of Falls Road, is a marvelous outdoor retreat located in an otherwise urban area. With the addition of an Education Center, it will be a learning opportunity as well as a recreational opportunity. I co-sponsored the bond bill that passed in 2015 to help fund the new center. Groundbreaking took place in October 2015, and the facility will be complete by fall 2016.

Jewish Community Center of Baltimore – Gordon Center for the Performing Arts –  Funding will be used for repairing, renovating, and updating the Gordon Center for the Performing Arts, located in Owings Mills. The Gordon Center is a premier entertainment venue that showcases a wide range of amazing performances.